Dr. Mark Elbroch is an ecologist, author, and storyteller, with dual interests in animal tracking and mountain lions. By profession, Mark is a scientist for Panthera, the global wild cat conservation organization, studying mountain lion ecology. But he’s also an animal tracker working to preserve ancient skills, and elevate their applications in a modern world.

About Dr. Mark Elbroch and His Work

Mark Elbroch was mentored in the CyberTracker Tracker Evaluation Standards in South Africa, by Louis Liebenberg. In 2005, Mark and Louis launched the system in the United States. Nearly 2000 people in the United States and Canada have been evaluated in this system, and that number continues to grow.

Mark’s work with mountain lions is creative and fresh. His research has challenged everything we thought we knew about the social lives of mountain lions, as well as pushes our collective knowledge about mountain lion foraging behaviors and the ecological contributions mountain lions make to their local communities. Mark’s work has been covered by the BBC, NatGeo Wild, New York Times, National Public Radio, the Washington Post, among others.