Nat Geo Wild’s Cougars Undercover

BBC’s Big Cat in High Places

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Mountain Lion Kittens: Trials, Triumphs, and Tragedies

The Secret Life of Mountain Lions—dr-mark-elbroch.html

Adaptive social strategies in a solitary carnivore, with Dr. Mark Lubell

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Channel Canada, Daily Show, “Secret Life of Pumas”
National Public Radio, Morning edition, “Pumas are not such loners after all”
New York Yimes article, “Solitary pumas turn out to be mountain lions who lunch”
Scientific American, “The secret life of a solitary puma”
An interview about social behaviors among mountain lions, on “Top of Mind with Julie Rose”

National Geographic News, “Once Thought Loners, Cougars Revealed to Have Rich Society”
Washington Post article, “This bobcat brings in $308,000 a year”
Jackson Hole News and Guide article: “Lions’ leftovers eaten by many small critters”
National Public Radio, All Things Considered, “The secret social lives of mountain lions”
Wyoming Public Radio, “Taking a peek into the intimate lives of mountain lions”
Wall Street Journal review, Cougars Undercover
Jackson Hole News and Guide, Lens on the Den
Planet Jackson Hole, Curious about cougars

MSNBC’s “Annoying condors drive cougars to make more kills”

Gross, L. “Tracking Big Cats to Learn Their Secrets.”

Perkins, S. “Pumas Leave Table Scraps”